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Learn about the history and purpose of the Living Classroom Learning Lab and each unique Ecosystem in the garden.

The Living Classroom Learning Lab is a curriculum whose purpose is to connect children with nature. Now, with the greater emphasis in our world and in education on our environment, it is extremely important for children to understand why their relationship to nature is necessary. A significant portion of the K-12 Disciplinary Core Ideas that are listed in the Next Generation Science Standards is ecology based.

There are four major themes which run through the scope and sequence of this curriculum: Nature Detective, Ecosystems, Seed to Seed, and Private Eye. The lessons are connected within each theme in an ascending, spiraling dependence upon one another. For a fifth grader to achieve in a Sustainability lesson, he/she must also have the prior knowledge of the basic needs of plants, animals, and humans learned in Kindergarten and First grade.

“Every individual
matters. every individual has a role to play. every individual can make a difference.”

~ Jane Goodall ~

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