Honor Roll

pioneers of Environmental Education

Danette B. “Danny” Riehle (1941-2022) was an environmentalist, artist, scholar and avid horticulturist. A pioneer in environmental education, Danny was the founder of the Living Classroom. Her passion for nature shone through in the Living Classroom curriculum she developed based on the gardens she established. She was a magical, master teacher who inspired others to achieve their true potential. By the very nature of her presence and engagement in her personal and professional life she made a substantial and positive impact on her family, school, and community.

Danny was way ahead of her time with all of her approaches and efforts. She worked tirelessly to ensure kids knew about the world around them including still prepping spring kits the week she passed. Miss you already Danny!

~ Justin Horne ~

Sue Ekblad (1950-2022) was a nurse, artist, chef and master gardener. Sue’s children attended Monroe School, and she was Danny’s dear friend and neighbor. Sue proposed the idea of establishing a garden to Danny after returning from George Washington’s Mount Vernon home and gardens in Virginia. Together they raised the interest and resources of the community to establish the vegetable garden and prairie. Being in Sue’s presence meant that any need of yours was met in her kind and gentle manor.

I grew up with Sue and her family, she had a dry sense of humor that always cut to the truth while making you laugh. Sue was a wonderful person and a great friend. I miss her wit and quick smile.

~ Andrew Riehle ~

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