Activity #1: Show Children What is Inside a Fruit (10 min)

The Essential Questions are: “Where do we get seeds?” and “What does a seed need to grow?”

The objective is for the children to know that from the seed they plant in the soil in their classroom a plant will grow and continue to grow once they plant it outside, if they give it water and light. In order to show their knowledge, children record the growth of their plant in their “Kindergarten Is Growing” journal. First journal entry occurs when the first leaf grows. (Link opens PDF)

Black Text = Directions 
Italic Text = Script

Activity #1: Show Children What is Inside a Fruit

Bring in a package of pepper seeds from the kit and open it. Show the children the seeds and ask: Where did these seeds come from?” Write answers on chart paper.

Allow time for the children’s responses and offer other questions to continue their thinking. Example: If a response is “they come from the hardware store,” ask: Where did the hardware store owner get the seeds to put into the package?”

Show the children some different seeds:

    • avocado seed
    • sunflower seed
    • peach seed
    • bean or pea seed

“Do any of these seeds look familiar? Think about where you have seen them.” 

The children will probably know that the avocado and peach seeds are from the inside of the avocado and peach. The bean or pea seed is also from the inside of a bean or pea pod. They may not know the sunflower seed. (FYI: The sunflower plant is a flower. Its seeds are considered fruits.) 

Now, where do these seeds come from? What would be your best guess?” 

The children may make the connection and say that the seeds came from inside the plant. Whether that happens or not, have a big pepper there and cut it in half. Open it so the children can see all the seeds. Open also the bean and pea pods to see all the seeds.

“Yes, the plant has a way to make more seeds and the seeds can from more pepper plants! I am going to save these seeds, so that next Spring when the new Kindergarten children are ready to plant peppers, we may be able to use these seeds.”

“Over in the Living Classroom Learning Lab, which is all around you outside, you may have seen a Vegetable Garden. All kindergarteners get to plant the vegetables and fruits that need to grow there. Some of the plants take a longer time to grow, so we are going to start some inside and when the time is right, we will transplant them into the garden. Here on this seed package is the picture of what your seed will grow to be and here are the containers and soil that we are going to use to grow our plants. Do you know what else the seed needs to grow?”

“Why does a pepper have so many seeds?”

“What do you think would happen if you swallowed a seed?”


Link to Kindergarten is Growing PDF
Link to the Full Lesson PDF
Link to a TIme Lapse of a Lima Bean Seed Video