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Thank you for your interest in The LCLL Curriculum. Below you will find links to our courses listed by grade level, in the future we will switch to a theme based list, as the lessons can be presented to a wider range of age groups. If you are looking for a sample lesson, we’ve put one up on our homepage.

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Themes of the Living classroom curriculum

Nature Detective

A Nature Detective lesson begins each of our fall courses. The senses of sight, sound, smell and touch are used to deepen observation skills while interacting with nature. Nature Detective lessons align with NGS Standards in each grade level, as categorized below, but can be presented to children from Pre-K to 5th grade.

Ecosystem Study

Lessons in the Ecosystem Study Theme follows our Nature Detective lessons, presented in the fall. Ecosystem Study Lessons present the relationships between the living and non-living, the consumers and producers, and the decomposers in an ecosystem help children understand the interdependencies in nature, and why each is important. The Ecosystem Study series can be presented from Pre-K through 4th grade and align to NGS Standards.

Private Eye

Presented in winter months, our Private Eye series bring inquisitive thinking skills into the LCLL course progression. To think metaphorically about the lessons learned and to wonder why are primary tenants of our Private Eye series of lessons. The Private Eye series can be presented from Pre-K through 5th grade and align to NGS Standards.

Seed to seedling

Beginning in spring, Seed To Seedling lessons present what a seed is and what a seed needs to grow. Children experience the wonder of seeing their work produce a seedling, and as the lesson plan progresses they see the intricacies of nature in Enhancing the Garden for the Swallow Tail Butterfly and Planting the Three Sisters. Seed To Seedling can be presented from Pre-K through 2nd grade align with NGS Standards.

Subscription Options

The Living Classroom Learning Lab offers a flat rate subscription, with access all our courses and associated content for $15.00 per month. There are no hidden fees. We provide discounts to teachers, schools and school districts as well as scholarships by request and approval, please contact us to learn more.