Activity #5: Create a Recycling Guideline Chart for Your Community (45 min)

The teacher will have to research local websites which state what recycling is accepted in your community. In order for the children to do their own research, information from websites can be printed or placed into Google Classroom or similar.

“How can we make recycling easier for people?”

Share ideas.

“We are going to create a Recycling Guideline Chart to hang above each recycling container that we distribute in order to help everyone in our community know what to recycle!”

Create a Recycling Guideline Chart to go above the recycling containers for each room.

Use this Recycling Guidelines with Pictures Google doc to create your own personalized guidelines. Make a copy and edit
to your local requirements.

The chart must have:

  • Pictures
  • Note that recyclables need to be free of food waste
  • Note any other local requirements
    • Types of materials collected, like plastic numbers
    • If the caps should be on or off