Activity #5: Write How Tall Will They Grow? (30 min)

Complete the How Tall Will You Grow Chart.

The measurements of the three prairie plants in the Spring were:

  • Big Bluestem: 3.5 feet
  • Rattlesnake Master: 3 feet
  • Prairie Dock: 1.5 feet

Draw a line for these measurements and label it “Spring.”

Complete the graph with the new measurements you have for these three prairie plants.

Compare the amount of growth that has occurred in these 2 short months.

“Whenever you are here in our Living Classroom Learning Lab, remember to watch and listen silently and you will surely come to know some of the secrets that are hiding here. Tonight, you may take the journal home and use it as a guide to tell your parents what you learned here today about the prairie and these unique plants.”