Activity #6: Create a Community Recycling Brochure (60 min)

Develop an informational brochure based on recycling in your community, the choices you have to recycle and the impact of not recycling.
Children use the Recycling Brochure Template attached to this lesson, with this TriFold Brochure Template Google doc by making a copy or create their own. Teacher models the parts of the brochure where information can be transferred from their Recycling Research Guide.

Children begin to build the information on their brochures to inform their community about what recyclables are accepted from the research completed on their Recycling Research Guide and from local website sources.

Brochure will include:

  • Definition of recycling
  • Reasons why recycling is important
  • Existing problems
  • How to Recycle
  • Options to Recycle
  • Student illustrations and photos

Extend the lesson for advanced students by having them include the 5 R’s and why they are also important options to consider before

When completed distribute the brochure to audiences in the community: parents, teachers, administrators, school board, your local educational foundation, and local environmental societies.